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Finding apps that you will enjoy can be difficult. New apps are released all the time, so how do you know which ones are worth downloading? App Finda aims to cut through the noise and tell you all about the best apps. All the apps available on the site make it easy for you to see top rated apps by our team (and users), as well as trending apps.

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One of the pioneers of microblogging still has its magic and remains strongly popular despite the rise of many social media platforms today. Tumblr is still being patronized by millions of users worldwide and never failed to amuse us with its easy-to-use microblogging and social networking features. Interestingly, with the Tumblr mobile app, managing your blog and connecting with your people has never been so easy and fun! The mobile app version captures all the elements from its browser counterpart and is redesigned not just to make the application more user friendly but also to connect content creators and their followers in a bigger and more interactive scale. Tumblr allows you to express yourself in so many wonderful ways through blogging and social networking. The application allows you to post anything you want especially those that will capture your personal interests. You can share photos, text, videos, audio and many more through this interactive platform. You can even create your own GIF and cover them with stickers and text to make them more appealing and fun. Through, Tumblr you can also reflect your own personality by choosing the kind of layout that will describe you at best. You can pick color and font style you preferred and you can also follow the tags you want and discover things beyond your expectations. Most importantly, Tumblr allows you to connect with millions of other users online. You can be part of any of the overwhelming community that shares the same kind of interest with you. You can discover things you love and enjoy and reblog them. You could also start a forum or conversation and discuss various topics along with other users. Conversations can also be done privately with friends through the app’s massaging system. You can also follow your favorite content creators online and be updated with their latest posts! With overwhelming features and tons of things to explore, it is not really surprising why many people enjoy Tumblr and we bet you feel the same way!

Thumb icon pinterest
Art & Design

Pinterest is a popular bookmark-esque sharing website. It allows you to save links from around the web in to boards - customized categories you can create. Whether it's ideas for a wedding, home renovations, or D.I.Y. design, Pinterest has something for everyone. You can even pin places to visit on your next vacation. To get started using Pinterest, you need to sign up for a free account. When you have completed the registration process, you can start uploading and saving pins to your boards. The boards you create are up to you and can be shared with other Pinterest users, or kept private. The variety of ideas to pin on Pinterest can leave you spending a considerable amount of time in the app. This is helped by the massive community behind Pinterest, as well as some sites offering the Pin It button. This button, much like Facebook's Share button, allows users to submit content to Pinterest with ease. You can also choose to add the latest pin to one or more boards on your account. It should be noted that not all pins are created equal. Rich Pins offer more information on pins to help you be better informed on the content in the pin. Rich pins can outline if it is an app, a recipe, or a product you can buy through Pinterest. More rich pin types are available and are often usable with other social sharing sites like Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest is a free to use app, which only requires you to register an account to use. You are able to create an account using your Facebook account if you wish to. Be sure to have plenty of time on your hands too, as the site can be very addictive once you get pinning!

Thumb shazam logo

Have you ever heard of a music that was so catchy yet you can hardly identify the title of that song? Whether the song is totally new to you or you only recognize the music by some of its lyrics or tunes, you do not have to waste your time searching the web because you can easily identify them with this brilliant app. Shazam is designed to recognize any songs that are playing in the background and it can give you the results in just one tap. Whether you are dining in a restaurant or you are in a bus and suddenly a catchy music started to play, you can use this app to easily identify the song without going through any extensive research. The mobile app absolutely works like magic but it’s actually the amazing technology behind it that makes Shazam an incredible application. Interestingly, Shazam is more than just a useful song recognition mobile app. Once the song is identified, you can actually listen to the full song and even sing along with the music as it comes with the complete lyrics. It also comes with music video that you can watch and enjoy. Your discovery will also give you additional access and information regarding to the artist who sang them. You can be updated with Shazam’s real-time charts and discover the latest and hottest music today. You can also connect Shazam with your Spotify and add the songs in your playlist. What makes it even more engaging is the fact that this app can work offline, making it extremely useful everywhere you go. Shazam is also taking their application to an all new level! Aside from the audio recognition, they are taking another great step as they introduced the visual recognition which allows users to witness amazing augmented reality in selected items. Through this app, you can tap the Camera icon and move the camera on top of any Shazam posters, magazines, books and more and be amazed of this highly innovative form of brand advertising. On top of these amazing features, you can also connect your Shazam to any of your social network accounts and share your wonderful discoveries and also to see what others are Shazaming about! A brilliant and useful app indeed.