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Free photo sharing app, Instagram, allows users to take and share photos and videos. Photos and videos saved to your profile can be shared for everyone to see, or privately with whom you choose. Instagram presents photos in a polaroid-like square shape. Once you snap your photo, you can then apply filters to stylize your photo further. You can choose from a range of filters or have no filter applied. Instagram adds new filters with some of the regular updates. Instagram users often tag their photos with 'hashtags' - a way to categorize photos. With 600+ million active users, hashtags allows easier access to your public content. Tapping on any hashtag takes you to the most recent and trending photos and videos for that category. A more recent introduction to Instagram is videos. Videos were limited to 15 seconds, but future updates increased this to 60 seconds. Multi-video posts allows up to 10 minutes of consecutive video to be shared. To compete with Snapchat, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories in August 2016. Instagram Stories allows you to share photos and videos in a stream. This media then disappears after 24 hours and are no longer accessible once expired. This is a lot like Snapchat's core functionality. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in April 2012 at a US$1 billion valuation. Since then, Instagram has continued to grow in popularity around the world as one of the must have apps. It often ranks within the top 10 rankings within the app stores around the world.

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Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Prepare yourself for an action-packed adventure! Protect your house from the brain-eating zombies by putting your trusty plants on your lawn! Plants Vs Zombies changed the landscape of tower defense gaming and horror survival. As what the title of the game connotes, this popular tower defense game takes you to an epic clash between a variety of plants and zombies. Your main objective is to protect yourself from the zombies and prevent them from breaking through your defense. In order to do so, you must place the plants on your lawn and let them use their special skills to eliminate all the incoming waves of zombies. Plants Vs Zombies is now available in both Android and iOS devices which perfectly captures everything we loved and enjoyed from its PC version. The game will introduce you to the same iconic location with overwhelming amount of features to explore. The Adventure Mode alone will take you to 50 amazing and challenging levels that will surely put your strategic skills on a test. The campaign allows you to unlock up to 49 varieties of zombie-sapping plants from Sunflowers to Peashooters to Jalapenos and Gatling Peas! Each plant has its own unique abilities you can take advantage off. The game will also introduce you to 26 types of zombies. Much like the plants, each has their own skills and abilities too. Some has incredible agility while others like Gigantuar can smash your plants with its incredible strength! Players can also grow their own Zen Garden which they can freely access in between levels. They can water, fertilize and play music for their plants to make them happy and to earn rewards in return. You can also explore other campaigns like Puzzle Mode, Quick Play and Mini Games which are all equally fun and addictive! Feel free to explore Plants Vs Zombies on your mobile and let the epic Plants and Zombies clash begins!