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Finding apps that you will enjoy can be difficult. New apps are released all the time, so how do you know which ones are worth downloading? App Finda aims to cut through the noise and tell you all about the best apps. All the apps available on the site make it easy for you to see top rated apps by our team (and users), as well as trending apps.

Thumb need for speed   logo
Need for Speed

Need For Speed is probably one of the most popular video game franchises to ever hit the market. They have conquered every gaming platform ever since the game was released from PS1 to PS4 and Xbox One! It was even adapted into major film. Now, they are set to invade our mobile device through their most recent installment ~ Need For Speed: No Limits. The game is created by Firemonkey Studios and published by the Electronic Arts. Interestingly, unlike its predecessors, NFS: No Limits is exclusively released for mobile devices. Now, you can finally experience the thrill, the intensity and the challenge brought by this highly acclaimed series right in front of your smartphone! Need For Speed : No Limits will emphasize more on underground Street Racing. The players will be given a chance to pimp their rides and customize their cars based on their own preferences. Most of the playable cars in this game can be customized with wheels, body kits, paint jobs and more. The game’s main campaign takes you to a series of challenging tasks and missions. It comes up with a compelling plot complimented with a series of action-packed cinematic cut scenes. Much like any other racing game, your goal is to outrace your opponents to win the match and earn the rewards in return. The customization will not just end on the car’s physical appearance but also by improving its internal parts. After every mission, you will be given an access to your garage where you can buy or upgrade parts. You can upgrade the engine, turbo, gearbox, wheels, ECU and the Nitro to make your car more efficient and insanely fast! If you have earned enough money, you can soon buy a new car. Aside from the money and other rewards, a successful match will also increase your reputation level which plays a crucial role in the game. Apart from the main campaign, you can also play the game in Car Series Races and Rival Races mode. If you are lucky enough, you’ll get the chance to participate in special events which allows you to win limited and special-edition vehicles! If you think you are skillful enough to win this game, feel free to play Need For Speed : No Limits and let the epic race battle begins!

Thumb new logo vertical dark 100x100

Uber is a revolutionary ridesharing app that has transformed the public transportation landscape across the globe. The Uber app saves the riding public from all the hassle of waiting for a taxi or a bus by providing fast and reliable rides through the power of technology and their mobile phones. What started as a provider of black car services in 2009 has now become one of the largest transportation companies in the world. Uber offers numerous ride options to suit the your needs. Looking for a reliable taxi service that’s hassle-free and stress-free? Opt for uberX and have the safest and fastest trip you could ever dream of. Want to save more on your rides? Go with uberPOOL and share the expense of your ride with other people. You don’t just save cash; you could also meet new friends and enjoy the fun of having company while on the road. If it is a high-end and luxurious ride you want, then UberBLACK is the right option for you. And it does not just end there, whatever your need is, be it accessibility, traveling in a large group, or taking long rides, uber has tailored many options that you can choose from. Riding with uber is easy. You launch the app and set your destination. Uber then uses your location to invite its huge pool of drivers to pick you up. Once a driver has accepted your request, you’ll get to see the driver’s photo, details of the vehicle, and track its movement on the map. Out of cash? You don’t have to worry as uber accepts credit cards, Paypal, Android Pay, and many more payment options depending on your location. Aside from the peace of mind it provides, uber also lets you rate the driver and provide feedback after each ride. This helps the uber community identify reliable drivers and weed out the bad ones. The app is available for various platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. At present, uber is one of the top rated apps in the maps and navigation category both in iTunes and in Google Play.

Thumb icon microsoft word
Microsoft Word

The popular word processing software, Microsoft Word, has made its way to mobile. With a few taps, you can be creating and editing documents with ease. Microsoft Word for mobile uses a streamlined interface, with contextual tools appearing where the cursor is. Create documents with tables, images, charts, and more, all from your mobile or tablet. It goes a long way to helping you manoeuvre around the document and add or edit content. Microsoft Word includes collaboration options, making it easy for many people to edit the same document. An improved version history support also allows you to revert back to previous states with ease. Also available is the discussion panel, allowing you to comment and provide feedback within the document. This makes it great to use for team projects, and group assignments for school. Templates are available to get you stuck in to making documents. Whether it's a formal document, a brochure, or a resume, Microsoft Word can provide a template to get you started. Once you pick your template, and add in your content, you'll have a modern, well designed document. Many features of the app need you to have an active Office 365 subscription. Which features need the subscription service differ from device and platform. Creating and editing documents is often free, with some premium options dependant on an active subscription. The cost of an Office 365 subscription differs based on your location, but last for at least one year. If not disabled, Microsoft Word will auto-renew your Office 365 subscription at the end of the subscription period.