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Thumb asphalt 8   logo
Asphalt 8

The tracks are open once again for another epic racing adventure. Gameloft introduces one of the newest additions to their critically acclaimed Asphalt racing series. Following the success of Asphalt 7: Heat, Asphalt 8: Airborne takes you to another remarkable journey. This time, the game takes you to a more intense and action packed challenges. Explore new tracks, new locations and unlock new cars and compete against multiple online opponents! If you have mastered the previous Asphalt series, feel free to download Asphalt 8: Airborne and see how far your driving skills can take you. Interestingly, the game managed to capture all the elements we enjoyed from its predecessors. As what the subtitle implies, the eighth installment of Asphalt series will focus more on extreme stunts and action. The tracks will feature insane ramps that you can use to launch your car on the midair. The longer the airtime, the more Nitro boost you can earn. Aside from the action, players are treated with remarkable graphics! Asphalt 8: Airborne is indeed a visual delight! The game takes you to 40 different tracks in 16 various locations. Each map takes you to jaw-dropping scenery adorned with marvelous details and effects. To top it all, Asphalt 8: Airborne will introduce you to over 220 officially licensed vehicles from some of the top car manufacturers! Imagine yourself driving a brand new Lamborghini and some well-known racing cars like Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse, a Ferrari 458 Italia and the Aston Martin v12 Zagato. There’s just too many vehicles to use and unlock. Keep on playing and winning matches and unlock these vehicles for full racing experience. You can even customize these cars and upgrade them into their full potential! Challenge yourself and try to complete over 400 events in the Career Mode or better yet compete against other players by entering Multiplayer Leagues and Seasons.

Thumb icon spotify

Spotify is a free music streaming service in many places around the world. It launched in 2008 as an alternative source of downloading and enjoying music. Spotify is a freemium service, allowing many features of the service to be free to everyone. Some features, like improved audio quality, need a monthly subscription to Spotify Premium. Spotify has over 30 million songs available in its catalogue. Within the app, you can search through the songs by song title, artist, album, or record label. Many of today's popular artists are available on the service, however some have taken down or refused to add their music. Many of the complaints from artists stem from fair compensation for their life's work. As you listen to music on the service, it begins to understand the types of music you enjoy. Spotify can then offer curated playlists on a weekly basis that can help you discover new music. Discover Weekly is one such playlist, a weekly curated list based on songs you previously listened to. Other playlists that could be offered include, but are not limited to, Release Radar, and Daily Mix. You can follow artists, friends, and public playlists. You can then receive updates on when new songs are added, and see what friends are listening to. Spotify comes with some subscription services, such as Spotify Premium and Premium for Family. Spotify Premium offers extra features beyond the free service. This includes higher quality audio, downloadable songs, and no ads. Premium for Family is a way to share the benefits of Spotify Premium to two or more people in a household. Premium for Family allows you and up to five family members to enjoy Spotify Family at a flat monthly cost. Spotify is a free app, with the option to pay a subscription to enjoy more of what Spotify has to offer.

Thumb icon microsoft word
Microsoft Word

The popular word processing software, Microsoft Word, has made its way to mobile. With a few taps, you can be creating and editing documents with ease. Microsoft Word for mobile uses a streamlined interface, with contextual tools appearing where the cursor is. Create documents with tables, images, charts, and more, all from your mobile or tablet. It goes a long way to helping you manoeuvre around the document and add or edit content. Microsoft Word includes collaboration options, making it easy for many people to edit the same document. An improved version history support also allows you to revert back to previous states with ease. Also available is the discussion panel, allowing you to comment and provide feedback within the document. This makes it great to use for team projects, and group assignments for school. Templates are available to get you stuck in to making documents. Whether it's a formal document, a brochure, or a resume, Microsoft Word can provide a template to get you started. Once you pick your template, and add in your content, you'll have a modern, well designed document. Many features of the app need you to have an active Office 365 subscription. Which features need the subscription service differ from device and platform. Creating and editing documents is often free, with some premium options dependant on an active subscription. The cost of an Office 365 subscription differs based on your location, but last for at least one year. If not disabled, Microsoft Word will auto-renew your Office 365 subscription at the end of the subscription period.