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PUBG Mobile

The most intense and most thrilling battle royale game is finally here to invade our mobile devices! PlayerUnknown’s Battleground takes you to an action packed adventure where you have to fight for your own survival and be the last man standing! The game will treat you with visually striking graphics and highly realistic combat that guarantees you with a remarkable gaming experience. Embark yourself in an epic battle for survival as you fight against many other online players and engage in a strategic combat to win. If you think you are skillful enough to win, feel free to explore PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround and see how far you can go. 100 real-time online players will be deployed on a remote island with one goal, to fight against each other until only one survives. The challenge, however, is the fact that you’ll start the game with no weapon at all. Players must hunt or scavenge weapons that are randomly scattered on various locations. To top it all, the battle zone dramatically shrinks from time to time and players must keep themselves within the safe area to survive. As the battle zone shrinks, the battle intensifies. You must come up with the most effective strategy to maximize your chances of survival. Do you think you have what it takes? For full gaming experience, PUBG takes you to a visually stunning graphics. Thanks to the powerful Unreal Engine 4, the game gives you a remarkable visual experience with intricate details and highly realistic gameplay effects. This is also complemented with high quality audio and immersive 3D Sound effects for satisfying gaming experience. The game is not just a visual delight as it offers you more engaging features including the ability to customize characters and other multiplayer components that allows you to team up with friends or with a squad. Definitely the best battle royale game today!

Thumb googletranslate
Google Translate

The Google Translate app utilizes the extensive language engine developed by Google to provide on the fly translation to more than 100 languages. The app can translate text, voice messages, voice recordings, as well as two-way real-time communications. Available both for Android and iOS, the app provides numerous accessible functionalities aimed at removing any language barrier in communication. The tap to translate option lets users select text while using another app and display its translation on a popup. Instant camera translation allows a user to point to a text using the phone's camera and then the app gives a real-time translation of the visible text. There is also the camera mode which allows users to take photos of any text and provide translation in 37 languages. Users may also draw characters in 93 languages, and the app will instantly translate it. The conversation mode provides an instant two-way speech translation for 32 major languages. Two additional features of the app are the offline mode which allows translation for 59 languages and the Phrasebook which gives users the ability to save translations for future use. Google Translate uses the Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) which translates entire sentences instead of word for word translation to provide better context. The GNMT is one of the most advanced end-to-end neural networks of today. The app has already reached the 1 billion landmark in download and is the top language translation app for mobile devices.