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Thumb clash of kings   logo
Clash of Kings

Be the king of all kings! Enter an epic battle and prove that you have what it takes to become the most powerful ruler of them all! Clash of Kings takes you to an epic journey, an enthralling Massively Multiplayer Online Role playing game that will put your strategic skills on a great test. The core goal is to become the greatest king by conquering your rival kingdoms and building the strongest empire of them all. If you are looking for a simple yet fun and addictive MMORPG that offers remarkable visuals and smooth gameplay, Clash of Kings is absolutely a perfect fit. Interestingly, the game has many great features to offer. It takes you to different phases including the empire building and battle stages. In order to conquer other territories, you must strengthen first your own empire. Construct buildings and upgrade your facilities to gather resources and also to train your army and your heroes. The game mainly revolves on accepting a series of quests that will often require you to build and upgrade your facilities. You can also train your army to make them more efficient in the battle. Enter the world map and explore the virtual world of four different civilizations including the Dragon Born, Yamato, Huaxia and Vikings. You can also encounter vicious beasts along the way which you can slay and earn rewards in return. To maximize your winnings, you can also raise your own beast, a mighty dragon who can be sent on a quest to bring you great treasures. The most exciting part of the journey is the Kingdom battle where you can fight against rival castles and empires. Play tactical real time MMO battle strategy against thousands of players worldwide. To top it all, players can also build alliances among other empires and ask for their reinforcement if needed. The game has so many other features to explore. If you think you have what it take to become the greatest king, feel free to explore Clash of Kings and let your epic journey begins!

Thumb icon fire emblem heroes
Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a Strategy, Role Playing Game (RPG) developed by Intelligent Systems for Nintendo. Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo's core franchises, alongside Mario, Kirby, Metroid, and others. The app was launched worldwide to critical claim on February 2, 2017. Critics praised the casual gameplay elements, allowing you to pick it up and play for 10-15 minutes at a time. Fans of the Fire Emblem franchise will notice differences in the gameplay experience as the content is suited to a mobile market. You begin the game working alongside Prince Alfonse, and Princess Sharena. As protagonists of the story, they help guide you through the gameplay elements. The RPG elements are told through the story as you progress, but the meat of the game is in the strategy. To continue through the game, you unlock heroes that have abilities that can aid you in the heat of battle. Each hero can also have different weapons, giving them melee or ranged combat capabilities. Ensuring your team has a good composition of skills and fighting styles will be key to winning each round. Combat is presented in a battlefield of grids. The aim is to use the environment and your heroes to defeat your enemy before they defeat you. Some battlefields have mountains or walls in the way, which can change up the combat. Heroes can move a set number of grids each move, before defending or attacking. As heroes take part in battles, they earn experience points (XP) and with enough XP, level up. Levelling up heroes is key to progress through the content, as this unlocks stronger abilities. Levelling up awards heroes with better stats, but Skill Points (SP) are what's needed to unlock the abilities. Heroes gain a determined amount of SP each level they gain. Fire Emblem Heroes is a freemium model game. The entire game is free to play, but players can purchase some items through in-app purchases to unlock content faster.

Thumb icon wechat

Instant messaging (IM) service WeChat was developed by Tencent and released in 2011. The Chinese developed app, whose localized name translates to "micro message," is the most popular IM app in the world. WeChat serves over 850 million active users, the majority of whom are within China. Within WeChat, you can communicate in many ways with friends and other WeChat users. The most common use of WeChat is some form of instant messaging. Whether it's text message, voice message, or stickers, you can keep in touch in these ways, and more. WeChat also includes a walkie talkie mode, which can add an extra element of fun with friends. WeChat Pay is another big feature within the app, allowing you to pay for items from vendors using your digital wallet. Your WeChat Pay account can be topped up by accepting charges to your added debit card, or by receiving money from other WeChat Pay users. Linked credit cards can only pay to vendors, and do not allow you to top up your balance. Services vary between countries and cities on WeChat. Some options include ordering food, hailing a taxi, or paying utilities. These options require the vendors to develop a 'mini-app' for the app, which adds this feature for WeChat users to enjoy. WeChat is completely free to use, with no subscription fees. You can chat, call, send stickers, and pay for services in one convenient app. You can also play competitive games with your friends in-between times. WeChat also has a desktop app available for Windows and Mac.