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Finding apps that you will enjoy can be difficult. New apps are released all the time, so how do you know which ones are worth downloading? App Finda aims to cut through the noise and tell you all about the best apps. All the apps available on the site make it easy for you to see top rated apps by our team (and users), as well as trending apps.

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YouTube is not the only platform to discover talented music artists online. Today, there are so many great ways to explore and share your music skills and passion and SoundCloud is absolutely an effective platform to do so. SoundCloud is an incredible mobile application that allows users to upload their music, record, promote and share their originally created sounds. Launched in 2008, this amazing online audio distribution platform has come a long way. SoundCloud has gained millions of users worldwide and the numbers are continuously growing. With so many great features to offer that will benefit both aspiring musicians and listeners, it is not really surprising why many people would love to be part of SoundCloud’s ever growing community. SoundCloud is an incredible platform that allows aspiring musicians to showcase their original music creations and allowing them to share their content to million users. Interestingly, you can download SoundCloud for free and enjoy the access to over 120 million tracks created by both emerging and established music artists. It features a huge catalog of music that are sorted by their respective genre which include but not limited to pop, classical jazz, hip hop, electronic and more. With their newly added feature known as “The Upload”, you can now personalize your music stream based on your very own preferences. The Upload will showcase newly added music and display content that matches your taste. On top of that, this feature will update the list on a daily basis to deliver you the freshest and most interesting content. Creators and Listeners can also establish a healthy and strong community with some of SoundCloud’s interactive features allowing creators to connect with their beloved fans and listeners (and vice versa). To experience SoundCloud in its full extent, you may also consider upgrading your account to SoundCloud Go which allows you to save your music collection offline and play them everywhere you go. SoundCloud Go+, on the other hand will elevate that experience to another level by delivering a fully expanded music catalog from well-known creators and music artists. It is also interesting to mention that the mobile app is available in various languages including French, Spanish and more. SoundCloud is indeed a wonderful app so if music is your passion, feel free to download this app now and who knows, you can be the next big thing!

Thumb ebay
eBay App

The eBay app brings the power of online auction and shopping to your mobile device. It is the one app that lets you find the most affordable deals on the internet. So whether you are looking for car accessories, trendy clothes, or that kitchen appliance you saw on TV, you can shop for them all in the comfort of your home. Download the eBay app and experience the great savings it could do for you. What does the eBay app have to offer? Buy and Sell Items – eBay is one of the largest auction and shopping platform in the web. So with the eBay app, you can find what you want or sell what you have in a snap. Save Money on your purchases – the auction feature is one of the best ways to save money on eBay. Sellers are also constantly updating their posts to provide discounts and offer affordable deals. Track your orders – With the eBay app, you can monitor your orders on real-time. You don’t have to guess when your order will arrive; the eBay app offers emails and push notifications on order status. Find or sell a product by scanning barcodes – Want to know about a product? Simply scan its barcode, and you will find some great deals, product information, and reviews. If you want to sell something, you can also scan the barcode and an automated listing will be created for the goods you want to sell. Find products based on categories and keyword search – eBay employs a very powerful search algorithm that uses AI and machine learning to give you the best results for your product searches. You can also search using images taken by your phone’s camera. It is also possible to shop by category, so you can check for kids wear, sports accessories, or holiday gifts easily. Add a product to your Wishlist or save it for future review – the eBay app lets you saved a product so you can review it later. You can also create a wishlist which you can share with other people, so they know what to give you during your special day. Download the eBay app today and get the best shopping deals not just in town but the entire world. You can download the app from Google Play for your Android device or get it from iTunes for your Apple device.

Thumb icon mobile strike
Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike is a freemium mobile massively multiplayer online game. It focuses on the player building up a military base of operations to battle with other players. Mobile Strike is developed by Epic War, a subsidiary of MZ (formerly Machine Zone). A marketing campaign featuring former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger catapulted Mobile Strike to be a top grossing app worldwide. Mobile Strike launched in 2015. The game guides players through the game as buildings, units, and upgrades are unlocked as you progress. These offer new elements of gameplay that are not available when you play the game for the first time. This process of easing players in to the finer elements of the game helps avoid an overwhelming learning curve at the start of the game. Your military base is laid out in a grid, making it easy to place structures. Over time, structures can be upgraded, which allows you to train better units, gather more resources, and make your base harder to destroy. The game's combat mode is attacking other players, so you'll want the best firepower to destroy them and keep your base safe. This is where the upgrades will come in handy. Over time, your commander will gain new skills. These skills can aid in attacking other players, as well as defending your base. Generally, the game is built around timers. As you progress, the time you need to wait for upgrades to complete, or training units, will rise. The timers can be reduced, but this often requires buying in-app purchases that reduce the time waiting. As a top grossing app, it is likely that many Mobile Strike players take advantage of these boosts.