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Thumb chicken scream   512x512
Chicken Scream

Nothing can be more adorable than those cute little chickens but who would have thought that they can be part of one epic adventure! Chicken Scream is the newest mobile game craze today! It may not offer a hardcore gameplay or those visually striking details but this game is extremely unique and fascinating. The main objective for Chicken Scream is to help the chicken reach the other side by helping it jump from one platform to another or avoid all the deadly obstacles along the way. The tricky part however is the fact that the game has no virtual control pads and the only way to manipulate its movements is by screaming on your phone’s microphone. It’s crazy and it’s fun! This is how you can perfectly describe this funny little game. The mechanics are very simple and easily manageable and everyone can play! Chicken Scream is playable in two different modes; The Adventure and the Classic Campaign. The Adventure Mode is divided in four different mini games and each of them is played in an entirely different manner. The first game is the main campaign in which you guide the chicken over a series of obstacles and move the character by screaming or talking over the microphone. Talking or singing in neutral tone allows the chicken to walk while screaming allows it to jump over platforms or obstacles. The second mini game is entirely different, it requires player to help the chicken cross the other platform by transporting them through a special mechanism. The third mini game requires you to help the chicken evade all the incoming arrows while the last game is more like a crossover between a rhythm game and a memory game. The Classic Campaign on the other hand is an endless running side scrolling adventure where your goal is to get the highest score as possible by reaching the farthest distance. You are also encouraged to collect coins along the way and unlock new Chicken Skins from the shop!

Thumb icon snapchat

Snapchat gives us a new and more exciting and fun ways to express ourselves and to connect with our friends. This serves as a camera and as a creative platform for communication. Express yourself by creating short videos and unleash your creativity by using some of its fun filters and effects that you can freely share with everyone. The core feature of Snapchat is to create short videos or simply referred as “snaps” but with all the recent updates, the users can now utilize the app in so many great ways. Be part of its ever growing community and become a certified Snapchatters now! Snapchat offers bunch of colorful and fun video effects and filters. Be creative and fun by personalizing your short videos with tons of cool stickers, text captions and drawings. You can also use filters to change your voice or the effects to animate yourself. To make your Snapchat experience even greater, you can add your friends or find one that is nearby through its interactive “Add Nearby” function. The Geofilters also enable users to create filters for public places that are meaningful to them. Moment Filters, on the other hand allows you to create special free filters to inform your friends what you are up to. Memories saves all your snaps into its built-in storage area which allows you to view all your old and recent Snaps and reshare them with your friends. You can also chat with friends and use tons of colorful stickers and Bitmojis. The Discover page, on the other hand, allows you to explore the world and discover other creative people! You can also follows your favorite content creators or communicate with your own fans as well. The recent updates allows you to take longer videos, the ability to direct users to specific websites and many other photo and video editing tools that you will surely enjoy!

Thumb icon pandora
Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio (or just Pandora) is a music streaming service available in selected countries. It allows users to listen to music from Pandora's catalogue either for free with ads, or for a monthly subscription fee. While it is common users play through the mobile app, Pandora also includes web browser support. To begin listening to music, you start a station by choosing an artist, a song, or a combination thereof. This creates a station that then, based on your feedback, will generate a playlist of songs based off the artist and/or song selections. You can then say that you like the song playing with a thumbs up, or not like with a thumbs down. This will then fine tune the song selections moving forward to be closer to your music style. Pandora also includes links to allow you to buy any songs or albums you like direct from iTunes or Amazon. Users can create and save personalized radio stations and playlists within Pandora. You do need to register an account with Pandora, and be at least 13 years of age. Pandora is powered by the Music Genome Project. This ambitious big data project uses around 450 data points to harmoize song selections. Such data points could include harmony, rhythm, instruments played, and more. These data points are used to determine the best songs to add to a radio station users listen to. Due to licensing restrictions of the project, this limits the availability of Pandora to a select few countries. To date, this only includes the United States, Australia and New Zealand. In 2014, Pandora reported they have over 250 million registered users, with 79.9 million monthly active users in 2016. Pandora also has around 70% of the internet radio market in the US.